Use cases




1Droid is a framework that can be used in multiple use cases. The limitation is only user's imagination:


Warning - user imagination required!


1Droid Framework is a suite of software and hardware components working together to create, manage, manipulate and display graphic designs. At this stage the hardware platform targeted is based on both PC and Android devices. The PC components can run in Windows OS starting at WinXP up to today OS (Windows10...).  The windows part of the Framework comprises a Windows Service, and integrated management system (1Droid Controller), a Monitoring tool and a real time Bulletin Board broadcaster.  All those components can run as controls in 1DroidController and/or as independent applications.







The framework comprises two major pieces of software:
  • 1Droid Controller and the Controller Applications, running in Windows

  • 1Droid Apk, driven, configured and controlled by the Controller and/or Controller Applications


and a piece of hardware:
  • 1DroidBox - Android OS powered by a Quad Core (or better) CPU running 1DroidApk the companion software. This comes pre-installed, pre-configured, tested and all ready to go.

  • A Controller can manage any number of screens.

  • Every one screen is driven by one Android Box running 1Droid apk.   

  • Screens can be managed one by one or in groups.

  • Screens can be positioned anywhere as long as they are in the same network with the controller.