Use cases




Warning - user imagination required!



1Droid Framework is a suite of software and hardware components working together to create, manage, manipulate and display graphic designs. At this stage the hardware platform targeted is based on both PC and Android devices.

The PC components can run in Windows OS starting at WinXP up to today OS (Windows10...).  The windows part of the Framework comprises a Windows Service, and integrated management system (1Droid Controller), a Monitoring tool and a real time Bulletin Board broadcaster.  All those components can run as controls in 1DroidController and/or as independent applications.

On the other side of the Framework there has to be a Display with the only condition that it accepts an HDMI connection (and HDMI protocol therefore).  Almost any modern display with and HDMI connection can be used as the place of presentation of dynamic, vivid designs produced by the  1Droid Designer.

The Framework is distributed as three distinct components:

  • - Windows 1DroidController
  • - Android application named 1DroidApk
  • - Android Driver - hardware box that hosts 1DroidApk and facilitates its running and network communications of the android and windows components.


The requirements of the framework on the consumer is to provide:

  • PC running Windows with OS version XP or higher-minimal RAM and CPU
  • Display(s) with HDMI capabilities - ANY size, ANY number.
  • IP Network installed and with support for Multicast - for networked android boxes


In a network enabled environment the software/hardware components can be at any distance providing there is a network path that they can use to reach one another.  This off course doesn't apply to the HDMI connection which can be as distant as the cable (or whatever appropriate extension) permits.